Relationship-Based Learning

Learning grows out of positive social-emotional environments and from the connections made with the people in them. We take special care to provide guidance within each experience as well as support materials that help establish vital connections between adults and children, and between families and staff.

Infants and Toddlers

Child Centered Approach

Let your child learn using the child-centered approach from Kids Academy of Texas. Our preschool offers child care programs that enrich children, including infants and toddlers.

Infant Program

• We promote learning from the very beginning. Our stimulating environment also supports and nurtures their individual needs. Using the Bright Baby program, we offer a hands-on approach to learning. Your child will grow and develop with a solid foundation of language development and positive social interactions.

Skill Building

Our infant program is designed to build skills with your baby through engaging songs, rhymes, and stories as he or she begins to recognize voices, sounds, and words. We want you to be confident that you are providing your child with an enriching program and quality child care where they can be safe, happy, and secure.

Toddler Program

• Our youngest learners are provided with an environment filled with stimulating activities that invites children to explore and learn.
• Using time tested and proven curriculum, Kids Academy of Texas teachers follow a child-centered approach to learning. All activities may be adjusted to provide individualized learning for older and younger learners. This will help to ensure that all Kids Academy of Texas learners have a jumpstart on necessary skill development needed for future education.

Classroom Skills

• Talking and Listening
• Vocabulary
• Colors and Shapes
• Positive Self-Concept
• Small-Large Muscle Development
• Creative Expression

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Preschool & Afterschool

Creative Curriculum

  • Give your child a love of learning with creative curriculum from Kids Academy of Texas.  Our preschool offers programs for preschoolers and after-schoolers.


Preschool Program

  • Encourage your child to experience their senses and tempt their curiosity.  Our environment is filled with opportunities for exploration and adventure.  Using time tested and proven curriculum, we focus on many different areas of development and interest.


Classroom Skills and Concepts

  • Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Socialization
  • Shapes and Color
  • Independent Thinking
  • Creative Expression
  • Positional Concepts
  • One to One Correspondence
  • Science
  • Health and Safety
  • Counting, sorting and Patterning
  • Language Development and Literacy

After School Programs

  • Focusing on age-appropriate skills and concepts, we offer a child-initiated, teacher-guided approach to learning.  Each student is encouraged to explore their own areas of individual interest while meeting objectives. Students will be able explore learning in new and exciting ways, including:
    • Arts
    • Crafts
    • Imagination
    • Creativity
    • Music
    • Movement
  • In addition, all children will be given the opportunity to complete school assigned homework in a quiet atmosphere.
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Family Involvement

Family communication letters are sent home monthly, inviting you to be part of our program. Research shows that quality educational child care and family involvement are key elements in a child’s development. Each letter offers recommended books, toys, and ways you can enhance the extended learning environment at home.

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Classroom Activities

Activities may be adjusted to provide individualized learning for older and younger learners. This ensures that all learners have a jumpstart on necessary skill development needed for future education. By providing a flexible and creative curriculum, we encourage a love for learning in all children.

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